The 52 Week Money Challenge

Hello all!

I just found this online and I couldn’t wait to post it. I am starting this tomorrow and think I might alter it a bit so I can have a little bit more saved up at the end of the year {doubling the amounts}. Let me know what you guys think and who plans on trying it out!


Also, W is doing amazing with his sleep training. Woke up once last night. I am hoping he is sleeping through the night within a week. C goes back to school on Monday and so do I. Looking forward to getting even closer to graduating, and super nervous about what I will do job-wise once I’m out of school for good. {Although I have been considering continuing on with my masters…}

My internship starts in 11 days. I’m so very excited, nervous, nauseous, etc. I have lots of new work clothes, which I am thrilled about. Now I just need to go join the climbing gym so I can fit some of them. I purposely got a few pairs of pants a little tight so I am forced to lose a bit of weight so they won’t be so snug! Size 4, here I come!!!

Happy January 3rd everyone. It’s only 9pm but I have nothing to do so I’m gonna hit the hay 🙂


20 thoughts on “The 52 Week Money Challenge

  1. Interesting! I might be willing to try it as well. However, I know for me, I always have more “determination” at the beginning of something, so I’d reverse the order. If I do the largest amounts first, it will be easier for me to add “extra” to the smaller amounts and I will feel more successful. I also know that next December, I won’t want to be coming up with $200. I’d rather do it now. But the concept is great!

    • Ha. You and me both! I typically get the Christmas and birthday presents at the same time. Christmas in December. W’s birthday is in January, and C’s birthday is in February. I’ll be making my deposit of $104 {doubling it} tomorrow morning when I run errands. 🙂

  2. Love the Money Challenge! Great idea for saving some extra dough. I set aside $60 per pay period religiously and try to leave it there until such time as an emergency hits, but I love the idea of matching dollars to weeks through the year. Good luck with schooling and the kiddo’s sleep schedule! XOXO-SWM

    • I’m horrible at saving money. I’m really looking forward to doing this. I think my car might need a new transmission within the next few years. This will be a lifesaver if I need one sooner than I had expected 🙂

  3. This looks great! I am going to do it exactly as it says. That way, when I get to the $52 week I will be so used to it I will just keep going. I really feel for you helping your baby fall asleep without nursing. I hope all is well.

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